Friday, June 12, 2009

Bill McKay '69

Greetings from the BC 1969 / 'Cape Cod' Reunion celebration. Bill and Donna (Matarese) Zmijewski, Bill and Maureen (O'Brien) McKay got together with 4 of their total 11 grandchildren to share old stories about the Chorale, working at Saga Foods, riding the T for 15 cents, and enjoying the city before moving to the woods of the Cape. Singing "For Boston" before dinner was great; though Donna was the only one to remember ALL the words. We would love to touch base with friends we have missed for 40 years: Tony and Frank (the hockey dudes), Joe the marathoner, roomies: Gary, Paul and Ensign Benson, Chief, or anyone else in the area who feels like taking a sail with us this summer??? Email:

Photo from the 50th Anniversary Class Party, May 29th, Carney Dining Room, McElroy

Left to right: Pauline Mulrennan, Joseph Mulrennan (BA), Barbara Radtke, Paul Radtke (A&S), Joseph Leary (BA), Josephine Shields

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meaghan Dalton '99

I am sorry I could not be with you all this weekend but I am there in spirit. I have been living in Atlanta for the past four years teaching Spanish at Marist School and dancing with several companies. I just returned from an educational research team project that took place in Shanghai and Beijing. I am also currently busy with contemporary ballet rehearsals for our upcoming performance July 31 and August 1. I wish you all the best and know that you are having a wonderful time.

Sincere regards,
Meaghan Dalton A&S 1999

Dagmar Hiller-Laramie '84

To all my BC friends,

Sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate with all of you, but I am there is spirit. I have been living in Florida for the past 9 years with my husband, Jim and sons Tyler, 15 and Connor, 12. I work from home part-time and am thoroughly enjoying South Florida.

I hope to see more pictures and posts from old friends. Have a great time! I would love to hear from you and re-connect.

Attached is a picture of my family at my son's confirmation.

Have a great day :)
Dagmar Hiller-Laramie
Class of '84

Elizabeth Hannon '54

Greetings to my friends celebrating our 55th year reunion this weekend. My heart is with you. For me, I celebrate the birth of twin grandsons, now over a year, who joined their big sister Ruby, now six. With thanks for good health and great energy, I still travel the world as a guest lecturer on cruise ships. Friends coming to San Francisco, can reach me in Novato, Ca. just 20 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Do call. I love company.

Elizabeth (Betty) Glynn Hannon

Mike Ripich '89

Judy Kwek Garnier '84

Have a terrific time everybody! Been thinking about all the great times I had while at BC with all of you! If you are ever in France, call me!

Judy Kwek Garnier