Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meaghan Dalton '99

I am sorry I could not be with you all this weekend but I am there in spirit. I have been living in Atlanta for the past four years teaching Spanish at Marist School and dancing with several companies. I just returned from an educational research team project that took place in Shanghai and Beijing. I am also currently busy with contemporary ballet rehearsals for our upcoming performance July 31 and August 1. I wish you all the best and know that you are having a wonderful time.

Sincere regards,
Meaghan Dalton A&S 1999

Dagmar Hiller-Laramie '84

To all my BC friends,

Sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate with all of you, but I am there is spirit. I have been living in Florida for the past 9 years with my husband, Jim and sons Tyler, 15 and Connor, 12. I work from home part-time and am thoroughly enjoying South Florida.

I hope to see more pictures and posts from old friends. Have a great time! I would love to hear from you and re-connect.

Attached is a picture of my family at my son's confirmation.

Have a great day :)
Dagmar Hiller-Laramie
Class of '84

Elizabeth Hannon '54

Greetings to my friends celebrating our 55th year reunion this weekend. My heart is with you. For me, I celebrate the birth of twin grandsons, now over a year, who joined their big sister Ruby, now six. With thanks for good health and great energy, I still travel the world as a guest lecturer on cruise ships. Friends coming to San Francisco, can reach me in Novato, Ca. just 20 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Do call. I love company.

Elizabeth (Betty) Glynn Hannon

Mike Ripich '89

Judy Kwek Garnier '84

Have a terrific time everybody! Been thinking about all the great times I had while at BC with all of you! If you are ever in France, call me!

Judy Kwek Garnier

Neil Maher '69

Congratulations to all. Very sorry that I could not join you as I was able to in 2004. Pictures from last evening look great as do you all.

Still in the Army and now in Texas. This is a recent pix from the Chisos Mtns in the Big Bend. As you may be tracking, BC Baseball is doing great down here in the Regionals and has a tough game today.

Best regards,
Neil Maher, A&S '69

Nancy Walters Murphy '84

Follow these links for more photos:

Stephanie Chisholm '84

I am very excited to be heading up with three of my children from Easton, CT today to the Heights!!! I can hardly believe that 5 years has passed and can only pray that perhaps I will be able to send one of my own to B.C. Peace to all!!


Eileen Tomaney Robinson '74

Best Wishes to all my fellow classmates from 1974.

I travelled from Norway for our 25th reunion but I am now in Perth, Western Australia so I could just not make it half way around the world. We moved here last year, and this year we are seeing as much of Australia as we can - from Cape Leeuwin where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet, to Kalbarri and then Broome in the north part of WA. After a trip in July to the Cook Islands, where we are meeting our sons, we are then heading to Alice Springs, Ayres Rock and then Sydney.

Hope you are having a great reunion weekend.
Until we meet again.....

A&S '74

Mary Beth Mulligan '84

I am really sorry I could not be in Boston this weekend, but my husband Chris and I are packing up our place, getting ready to move out of Michigan (where we have been for almost 2 years). I am hoping to see a bunch of pictures from the reunion and to catch up with former classmates.

I've attached a picture of my husband and I on a trip to London to share with others.

Have fun everyone!

Mary Beth

Naomi Agosto-Ortega and Hector Ortega, Class of 1984

Hi Class of 1984,

We hope the class of 1984 has a big representation at the reunion. Our thoughts are with you and we really wish we were there. We really did not want to miss our 25th anniversary. We have four girls ages 12, 8, 7 and 2 and it was too complicated to get out of town without them this time around. Especially since our two year old is right in the middle of her "unreasonable terrible twos". (Not too many babysitter volunteers :-)!)

I am now a stay at home mom and I homeschool my four girls. We have a great life in Connecticut. I married my BC sweetheart Hector Ortega(class of '84), and have been married for twenty-two years. We have been back to BC several times and have taken our girls on the grand tour. My three oldes are excited about the possibility of attending Boston College. We may be starting our own BC legacy one day soon.

Enjoy your weekend, both Hector and I are there in spirit with you all.

Naomi and Hector

John Whelan '64

Sorry I could not be with you this weekend. Best wishes to all my 1964 classmates and their families. I hope you have a weekend full of fun, sharing great memories and creating new ones. And remember to root for the BC baseball, which won its NCAA regional opener down here in Texas yesterday, and plays the Texas Longhorns in the final today.


Ken Nolan '69

Friday afternoon golf at the International with Eagles from
the Class of 1969!

Robert Duggan '74

I wish everyone a wonderful and fulfilling next ten years!

BC Theater

I work with a youth performance organization called Boston City Lights. This is a photo from our performance tour last year in Paris.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tom Brogan '69

Hello to fellow 1969 classmates,

My thoughts are with you this weekend. I'm nearby and my work keeps me here on Outer Cape Cod these days. Having moved here in 2004 from Chicago, I operate an organic housecleaning business, follow the eagles, sail, and have a weekly comedy radio show, Funny Thing, Sunday nights midnight to two am EDST on WOMR out of Provincetown, MA. WOMR can be heard locally at 92.1fm and online at Sunday night I'll be playing material for the Class of '69. Have a wonderful weekend!

Tom Brogan

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcoming our Reunion Attendees

Welcome to all those arriving for Reunion!